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This month our tour takes us into the Moors in North Yorkshire to Goathland. Goathland is a small village with about 400 inhabitants located in the North York Moors National Park. 


Goathland railway station is part of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Up to 250,000 passengers travel every year with this privately operated line. The route is the 2nd longest preserved line in Britain connecting Pickering with Grosmont.


The village itself can be dated back to Viking times. It didn’t only appear in the Harry Potter film series but also in the Heartbeat television series set in the 1960s. Fans won’t be disappointed if they take the time to visit the village.


But of course filming for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone took place at the station. The whole station was transformed into Hogsmeade Station by simply replacing all name plates with Hogsmeade plates and building a fibre glass wall in front of the camping coach.


While filming for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the whole line wasn’t blocked because the train was taken out of the station when the normal passenger trains arrived. The final scene was shoot on the first day of filming while the arrival scene was shot afterwards. The locomotive was turned after the first day in Pickering to shoot the arrival scene.


The train used for filming is locomotive 5972, Olton Hall and was built in Swindon in 1937 for the Great Western Railway. In 1963 the locomotive was taken out of service and send for scrap in May 1964. But the famous Barry scrap yard purchased the locomotive in 1981 and therefore it was spared the fate of destruction.


The locomotive is currently owned by the West Coast Railway Company and is used for private excursions. While filming the headboard was changed to Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts emblems where added to the train and the carriages. The locomotive retained its original number but was renamed to “Hogwarts Castle”. This isn’t correct because the locomotive belongs to the “Hall Class”. The “Castle Class” is much larger and was designed for express transfers.


In 2007 all carriages were demolished by ten youth. They broke over three hundred windows and caused a total damage of £ 75.00. Fortunately the locomotive itself was untouched.


For those of you who cannot wait till next month I recommend you this book: Harry Potter on Location: An Unofficial Review and Guide to the Locations Used for the Entire Film Series“ by J. P. Sperati. You can buy it from Amazon.

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Lacock & Lacock Abbey 


lacockabbeyLacock is a small English town in Wiltshire with a population of about one thousand people. The most important building of the village is the abbey from 1232. In the town and the abbey many scenes where shot.


The village and the abbey appeared in the Philosopher’s Stone, the Chamber of Secrets and the Half-Blood Prince and the filming was done in February 2001, February 2002 and October 2007 respectively.

The village itself was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086. The town is located near the road from London to the river Avon from where international trading via Bristol was possible.

The abbey and estate were sold to William Sharington for only £783 in 1540. You may not compare this price with today’s currencies because the values changed a lot over the years. Later the abbey passed to the Talbot family. They are known because of William Henry Fox Talbot who invented the negative/positive photographic process. To honour him there is a museum in the abbey.


Lacock is ideal for filming on a historic location. Most of today buildings are from the 18th century or later. Some of them can be dated back into the 14th century. The National Trust is managing the building the town remains in his historic appearance. You won’t find overhead cables, satellite dishes or even yellow road lines.


Appearance in the films


In the very first film “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” the cloisters appear in the scene where Harry sneaks into the library and is nearly caught by Mrs. Norris.




The warming house of the abbey is known as the class room of Prof. Quirrell’s “Defense Against the Dark Arts” class.




Although you can see a cauldron in this scene Prof. Snape’s class is located in the adjacent sacristy. 

DThe chapter house of the abbey is not only the class room of Prof. McGonagall but also the room where Harry nearly loses himself to the mirror of Erised.






Of course the chapter house also appears in the next film “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.




DThe muggle house of Horace Slughorn is also in Lacock and the film crew shot during three nights here. When Harry and Dumbledore walk down the street in Lacock they are actually walking in the wrong direction because the house is located to their back but they are walking to the house where Harrys parents died.








For those of you who cannot wait till next month I recommend you this book: Harry Potter on Location: An Unofficial Review and Guide to the Locations Used for the Entire Film Series“ by J. P. Sperati. You can buy it from Amazon.

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We are happy to announce that we launched our English page of Zauberschloss online today!


It is a small clone of the original German page for foreign visitors and offers some English information on our event. Please feel free to send us your feedback.


Please note that the forum remains a German-only forum and any non-German posts will be deleted immediately. Thank you for your understanding.


Your Zauberschloss Admin Team

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Many or all of us are great Harry Potter Fans. As such have you ever asked yourself where they filmed all these lovely scenes from the films? Of course they can’t build everything inside a film studio. They built some of course but filming on location gives the film the special something we all love.

We want to show you some of them in our monthly article series Harry Potter on location. Follow us through England, Wales and Scotland to some of the magnificent and breath taking landscapes and monumental or odd buildings and villages these beautiful countries have.


We will not only tell you where they filmed but give you thrilling background information about these places.
The first article will be released June 1th!

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